The fact, for a customer, to place an order by PRACTIPRENSAS SOLUTIONS for the purchase of products involves the whole and without reservation support of these following « general
sales and fabrication terms ».

A / Conditions of use of our products and/or devices are dependent on legislation in effect, in places and times considered. So, the whole liability of their use falls on the user.
B / All texts, informations, characteristics ou photographic reproductions present in catalogue or in specification sheets are valid on the date of edition. In any case, they can't
involve our responsability in case of inaccuray. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.
C / In all cases, PRACTIPRENSAS SOLUTIONS assume an obligation of means only.
D / When the customer asks for a made-to-measure work to PRACTIPRENSAS SOLUTIONS, he has to give a detailed technical specification.

A / All the prices on catalogue are generally valid for 1 year; however, the customer has to make sure of their validity for each order.
B / Unless agreed between the parties, all our prices are net of tax, departure from the factory EX WORKS (Incoterms 2000) without discount.
C / Every order accepted by PRACTIPRENSAS SOLUTIONS cannot be canceled or modified without a prior agreement of PRACTIPRENSAS SOLUTIONS. In all cases, the customer will compensate PRACTIPRENSAS SOLUTIONS for all damage that the establishment would suffer with the cancelling or the modification of the order. The means of placing the order is left to the customer but cannot give rise to any particular conditions.
D / The transport costs are charged to the buyer. These costs are proportional to the weight of merchandise and the distance of transport. We work with several carriers in
order to obtain the best conditions of tariff. So, the customer can choose between a delivery by normal or express way, post or refrigerated transport.
E / Minimum of order : the minimum of invoicing is set to 50€ (net of tax) for order in PORTUGAL, 200€ for an order outside PORTUGAL. Otherwise, PRACTIPRENSAS SOLUTIONS will be allowed to charge these amounts according to the country of destination.

A / It is for the consignee to check the state of the goods on the moment of delivery. All reservations must be mentioned in the delivery slip of the carrier, in accordance with
the article 105 of the PORTUGUESE commercial law. We will not accept any complaint without these reservations.
B / The products, even sent carriage paid, travel at the consignee own risks; it is for him to make necessary noticings in case of delay in the delivery, stealing or damaged on
the way. Noticings have to be made with a registered letter with acknowledgement at the carrier, the only one responsible.
C / Every noticing of the customer, for being valid, must be adressed at PRACTIPRENSAS SOLUTIONS, by registered letter with acknowledgement, in the 48hours following the delivery
of goods.
D / Delay of delivery does not permit the customer to cancel, even partially, the orders or the deliveries. The times allowed for delivery are indicative, any delay cannot give
damages, penalties, deduction or replacement.
E / In case of defect in delivered products, PRACTIPRENSAS SOLUTIONS are only obliged to replace the products, excluding any other compensation or damage.
F / For perishable products, rennets, lactic and ripening cultures, we recommend, for important orders, shipment by refrigerated transport. For the small parcels, we provide a
system of ice + packing with insulating and express transport; in spring and in summer ; the cost of this is for the customer.


If the sent merchandise has a value superior to the value insured by the carrier, an insurance for losses and damages is automatically taken out.

Our equipment is guaranted, against all manufacturing defects and non apparent dysfunction at the time of initial sale, except for wearing parts, for a period of 1 year.
The guarantee starts the day of the invoicing date.
This guarantee applies to replacement of parts or equipment recognized defective by us (postal charges for the round trip are for the buyer). In these conditions, the
replacement of parts or equipment will be free of charges.
The complaints for manufacturing defects and others must be transmited immediately and, at the latest, one week after the receipt of merchandise in the destination point.
If a return to the workshop proves to be necessary, a diagnosis will be made out. If it's proved that the defect id due to a bad use, an estimate will be made for acceptance by
the customer.
This guarantee does not give any right to compensations for charges, damages or losses of running.

No return will be accepted without the absolute agreement of PRACTIPRENSAS SOLUTIONS.
The returned merchandise must be in a strictly new state and in the original packaging. The buyer is responsible for charges of return.
Assuming that the equipment would require to be repaired, the repair will be invoiced on the basis of the pre-etablished estimate.PRACTIPRENSAS SOLUTIONS reserve the right to invoice,
from tariff in effect, the equipment used and so unsaleable in the state.
All complaints must be sent to PRACTIPRENSAS SOLUTIONS, by registered letter, in the 8 days following the receipt of the order ; refering to number and date of invoice (or in lack, the
commercial offer), to the reference and the quantity, and by setting out the motives of the request. After this time limit, the complaints will not be taken into consideration.

A / The products are payable cash on receipt of the invoice, to «PRACTIPRENSAS SOLUTIONS 3260-504 BAIRRADAS-FIGUEIRO DOS VINHOS. Every other payment must be
negotiated before.
B / PRACTIPRENSAS SOLUTIONS don't allow discount for anticipated payment of the invoices.
C / PRACTIPRENSAS SOLUTIONS reserve the right to ask for an account of payment (30% of the amount, out of tax) for all every order resulting from the making out of an estimate or
for an amount of order higher than 1500€.
D / Only a discount of 3% is given at the shop when the products are taken and paid cash on, in our company.
E / In accordance with the law 92 – 1441 of the 31-12-1992, every payment with a delay will involve the application of a penalty equal at 1.5 times the legal interest rate by
begun months. In case of unpaid and in case of recovery by a contentious service, the whole of expenses will be borne by the customer.
F / For some commercial transactions, PRACTIPRENSAS SOLUTIONS reserve the possibility to deliver on payment before shipment or on cash on delivered merchandise. The additional
expenses for cash on delivery stay on the charge of the customer.
E / For the sales at export, merchandise and transport are payable before shipment on presentation of the « pro-forma » invoice. The costs of insurance of merchandise are on
the charge of customer. Otherwise, an insurance credit can be suggested on consultation. This remains on the charge of the customer.

Our merchandise is sold under express reserve that the ownership transfer depends of the whole payment of the agreed price (law n°80-335 of the 12/05/1980)

– By bank transfer,
– By debit card via our website for distance payment : www.PRACTIPRENSAS.COM
– By cash or debit card in our shop
– By documentary remittance or documentary credit for export

Any lawsuit, of any nature or cause, will be subject to the jurisdiction of the TRADE COURT of FIGUEIRO DOS VINHOS.